Professor Yong Chie Heng

Professor Yong Chie Heng

Professor Yong Chie Heng

Vice President

Professor Heng is the Vice-President and Dean of the Industry Service Center at the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, also known as Taiwan Tech. Previously he was Dean of the Office of Research and Development at Taiwan Tech.

An engineer by background, YC has held a number of senior positions internationally, he is a: Former Vice President, Motorola, in the USA; Former Executive Director, Board of Management, Motorola, in Europe; and Executive Director, EICTA, European ICT Association. YC is also a Royal Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of IET, in the UK, and he was the Founder and the First President of the Chinese Institute of Engineers, UK.

At the present, YC is focusing his efforts on international cooperation, building Taiwan Tech into an internationally renowned applied research university.

Yong Chie spoke during the Research:Solving Global Problems session, September 2016 (Session Slides).

Executive Summary

The National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (TAIWAN TECH) is devoted to creating an international environment, seeking the opportunities of interdisciplinary cooperation, and take cultivating world-class leaders as a mission. The University, which was founded in 1974 as the first higher education in Taiwan’s technological education system, has extensive cooperation with industry, academia and public sector, and furthermore create global teams. In technology, design and management field, TAIWAN TECH is well recognized in the international awards, and becomes the key chain of global networks in Taiwan.

By the mechanism of WTUN, TAIWAN TECH can share the experiences of multilateral cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, and become an effective channel for international cooperation. We have an overall eco-system to improve innovation, IP transfer and business incubation, which is supported by the global teams and strong administrative resources. TAIWAN TECH will exchange resources and ideas, provide different levels of capabilities in science and technology fields, and play an important role in solving 21st global challenges by harnessing the network of technology universities.

August 31, 2017
Emm Lane
13:30  -  15:30