Gender Equality in the Higher Education Sector: Why it matters and what can WTUN do about it?

November 29, 2018
14:35  -  15:35

This session will discuss gender equality in higher education and consider how WTUN could be used to provide interventions and be a gender competent network.

The sessions will have a panel of speakers who will each give a short presentation before opening to a discussion, facilitated by a Chair.

Speakers and session titles include:

  • Professor Udy Archibong, Professor of Diversity, University of Bradford, UK (Chair and Speaker): Institutionalising Gender Equality in
    the Higher Education Sector
  • Professor Kevin Hall, Senior Vice-Chancellor, University of Newcastle, Australia: Innovative programs to grow the participation and success of women in research
  • Rovani Sigamoney, Engineering Programme Specialist, UNESCO: Gender Equality in Engineering and Education, discussing UNESCO’s global priorities on Africa and Gender Equality
  • Professor Preeti Aghalayam, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Madras: The gender inequity problem in IIT: Drivers and counter measures
  • Professor Valentine Aletor, Vice-Chancellor, University of Africa, Toru-Orua, (UAT): Gender Mainstreaming in Endogenous Research and Innovation: The UAT Perspective
  • Professor Nallan Ramachandran, Vice-Chancellor, Sandip University: Gender Equality in Higher Education in India – A boon for global community

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