Congress – Research: Solving Global Problems

September 8, 2016
10:30  -  12:30

This session enabled participants to hear from speakers from a range of world technology universities about research which addresses global challenges.


10:30 – 12:30 Research: Solving Global Problems

Chairs: Professor Brian Cantor, University of Bradford and Dr Harriet Dunbar-Morris, University of Bradford


  • Professor YC Heng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology: Value Creation through the mechanisms of WTUN
  • Professor Yingjie Zhang, Kunming University of Science and Technology: Scientific Research of Chinese Universities and the Converging World
  • Professor Allan Kellehear, University of Bradford: Community, Technology & Health Care: Some current work of the DHEZ Health & Wellbeing Centre
  • Professor Arun Sharma, Queensland University of Technology: The role of a technology university in the regional innovation ecosystem
  • Professor Savvas Tassou, Brunel University of London: The challenges of feeding a rapidly rising global population in the face of global warming and resource depletion
  • Professor Wahid bin Omar, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia: How research collaboration brings the solution to global issues

Session Slides

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